Scar removal

Minimise Scarring and Recovery

Scar Removal – How Do Silicone Gel Treatments Work?

Scar removal

The scar is the biggest problem faced by some men and women and it is a problem that can arise for anyone regardless of the age and sex. When it comes to scar treatment, people generally think that surgical procedures alone can be effective.

But, the fact to remember here is that there are gel-based treatment for scar removal. When talking about gels and creams for curing this problem, silicone based products always have a good name.

Scar Reduction

Reduce scars

How does silicone gel work? When an individual get silicone based product like New Gel, its effectiveness can be understood from the fact that it is a product that has earned approval from the TGA.

Silicone Sheeting: Silicone sheeting is also made available by the same manufacturers and even though this sheeting can be the first choice to reduce scars, the ointment and gel is developed for use when sheeting would not be convenient and hard to secure.

Innovative scar removal treatment

Scar removal

How does the ointment work? It brings about an improvement to the scar by providing a combination of hydration and occlusion. This means that the area with mark is protected from getting exposed to air. This in turn will result in slower, but steadier scar removal.

What type of scars? Both New Gel Silicon gel and sheet can be used for scar treatment, regardless of whether the mark is present because of any of the following reasons:

1. Abdominoplasty


3.cosmetic procedures

4. Burn

5.general surgery

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