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scar reduction

It is not always easy to move in social circles with scars on your face or other visible parts on the body causing an emotional or physical distress and need to be addressed effectively. This is when you can actually check out with the new minimise scarring silicone gel and sheets  that have been developed by doctors to use in the clinics and hospitals for best scar treatment solutions.

Though many times these scars naturally fade away and mix with the skin over a period of time some may remain as a discolored and raised scar due to excess production of collage at the wound site.

Scars disappear

minimise scarring

So to reduce scars you can now checkout for the new gel plus silicone sheeting which is formulated using 100% medical grade silicone that has been proved to be very effective in the trail period to minimise, flatten, fade and smooth out scars on the skin whether new or old. You can also use new gel ointment along with the sheets for more coherent results as a combination with the silicone sheets.

Scars disappeargenerally within 3 to 7 weeks time and for best results the scars should be cleaned and dried before applying the silicone sheet which is self adhesive. It can also be washed and air-dried before reapplication and should be worn for 6 to 24 hours in a day. You also need to inspect the scar site and wash it gently and dry before reapplying the new gel.


Scar removal treatment

scar removal

You can buy this wonderful minimise scarring product from the online stores offered in two colors like beige and transparent and also cut into different shapes and sizes like sheets, strips, dots etc to apply on face, abdomen, thighs etc to reduce scars effectively for a clear skin.

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