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Many people feel apprehensive to join the social circles when they have visible scars on the body. Though scars may happen due to any reason, many surely want to get rid of them to avoid any embarrassment in the public. Keeping this in view the doctors have actually come up with medical grade scar removal product that is very effective in scar reduction either new or old within a few months time. It has to be understood that scars happen naturally on the body as part of the healing process and sometimes as the body produces excess protein called collagen, it not only heals the wound but may result in raised and discolored scarring. While some scars vanish over a period of time others like hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, scars due to surgery or burns, scars due to accidents may remain for longer periods and needs scar treatment to blend in the original skin color.

New Gel

The new gel silicone product which is available as both sheets and ointment offers effective results without any side effects to make the scars disappear. These are made using medical grade silicone gel and used as a first line therapy by the plastic surgeons, burn specialists and doctors to minimise scarring in the patients. It is also easy to use, these silicone sheets which need to be applied on the scar after cleaning the scar area. The sheeting improves the scars through occlusion sealing the scars from exposure to air, hydration, continuous light pressure and elevated skin temperature. This gradually reduces the scar within 3 to 7 weeks time and total results can be seen after  a time period of three months.

Scar Removal

The scar removal silicone gel sheets which are clinically proven can be safely used for anyone above 2 years age and can be directly applied on the scar area to be treated. The sheet is washable and can be used as long as the adhesive sticks on to the skin. At times when sheet cannot be worn the silicone gel can be applied. The silicon sheet can be bought online which is available in color and beige color in different shapes and sizes suitable to be applied on the face, abdomen, breasts, thighs or any visible portions of the body where a scar appears.

This new gel scar which is approved by TGA is safe and effective to make the scar disappear and one can enjoy a clear skin tone within no time.
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